What is it?

This package allows Ruby developers to write applications that store their configuration data using GConf (1.0.x). GConf is a configuration database system written by Havoc Pennington et al, and part of the GNOME application development framework (although it can be used separately). It is part of a larger project called Ruby-GNOME, which aims to make all the GNOME libraries available to Ruby developers.

Where can I get it?

From the download page at SourceForge. You can find the latest development code in the CVS repository, also hosted by Sourceforge.

Where can I get more information?

There is some documentation included in the Ruby-GConf package (see the files README, README.DEV and TODO). For more information on GConf, take a look at the GConf Manual, or post to the GConf mailing list. For more information on the Ruby programming language, see the Ruby homepage. For more information on the Ruby-GNOME project, see its homepage.

Who's responsible for this?

Ruby-GConf was written by Neil Conway.

Where can I submit improvements or bug reports?

For bug reports, use the SourceForge bug tracker. As usual, please provide us with as much information about the problem as you can. If possible, please include a snippet of Ruby code that exhibits the problem that you're experiencing.

For patches, use the SourceForge patch manager. If possible, please submit your patches in unified diff (diff -u) format and include a summary of the modifications you've made and the reasoning behind your changes.

For anything else, please contact the maintainer, Neil Conway.

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