CList widget

Gtk::CList is a multi-column list widget. It will replace Gtk::List class (of course, Gtk::List is still available).
ex: Display Environmental Variables

nn Here is the simple example of CList class. This program displayes all environmental variables.

Program clist.rb:

require 'gtk'

window =
clist =['name', 'value'])
clist.set_usize(300, 200)
clist.set_column_width 0, 100
ENV.keys.sort.each {|k| clist.append [k, ENV[k]]}
window.add clist

(attention: this result depends gtk-1.0.x. If you execute this program with version 1.2.x, little changes will be occur in look & feel.)


Methods of CList Widget['title1', 'title2', ... ])
This method creates a CList widget. When using first style, created CList have "columns" columns but no title. When using second style, created CList have columns with title.
set_policy(vscrollbar_policy, hscrollbar_polic y)
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