Setting up Ruby/GTK

Requirements for Installation

Following software and libraries are required in order to use ruby/gtk:

Read each documentation for installation procedures of above software.
Test Installation

After installation of all above packages, you can check whether Ruby/Gtk works correctly. sample/test directory in ruby-gtk distribution contains some example scripts.

For example, you can run test.rb by typing following command:

ruby test.rb

If your ruby/gtk is properly installed, you will see a window like below.

About testgtk.rb

ruby-gtk contains testgtk.rb in sample/testgtk/ directory. This is ruby/gtk version of testgtk which is originally distributed with Gtk+ library. Though testgtk.rb is not yet accomplished, it is very useful example of ruby/gtk scripting. The latest version of testgtk.rb is found at

About gtkbrows

ruby-gtk also includes gtkbrows.rb in doc/ directory. This is a class browser for ruby-gtk. This browser shows class hierarchy, list of methods and constants defined at each class, etc. This browser helps greatly in ruby-gtk programming and necessary until reference manual is completed.